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The Departed

This project is a timeline that tracks those departing during the turbulent first 2 years of the Trump presidency, the the reasons why and the affiliations that they held. Click […]
The Departed

07.04 Lost Spaces part 2

How, why and what allows an agent to reclaim a lost space?   Inherent in the question is the desire to ‘find‘ this as yet undefined space. However, a prerequisite […]

07.03 Lost Spaces part 1

The occupy movement in London has recently squatted vacant interconnected buildings in the city of London owned by the RBS bank. They are transforming this space from a disused fragment […]

07.01 Freedom… being conscious

Emancipatory consciousness occurs when there is widespread realization that the social, political and economic constructs under which a population labours are no longer operating in a constructive way for a […]

06.04 Public realm and protest

The architecture of the public realm has always featured heavily in shaping the lives of its inhabitants. From spaces, monuments and public realm strategies implemented to emphasise the grandeur of […]