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04.02 Global Barriers

There are almost 200 countries on the planet today. Over 30 have decided to build physical barriers to separate their nation from another. An additional three are being proposed (by […]

03.04 The Apathy Triange

Unimaginatively the apathy triangle is a combination of the problems created by out societies approach to the three outlined issues, the passive consumer, global inactivity concerning climate change and political avoidance regarding responsibility and ideology in […]

03.03 The Big Society

A snapshot from Terry Gilliams distopian Satire ‘Brazil’ 1985 With the launch of the ‘national happiness index’ and an audibly rally cry matching that of the strapline to the advertising […]

03.02 Carbon

So where is the global authority for sustainability? This question has puzzled me for some time without raising any answers that I like the sound of. As a consumer, producer, […]

03.01 briquettes

The day of the briquette… There is a prevalent phenomenon which is deeply embroiled in the fabric of our modern society. Initiated by the first mass produced portable cameras of […]

02.04 Wash your hands!

I for one am delighted, thankful and gratefully humbled by instructive sign age which seems to be such a ubiquitous part of our everyday life. The fact that we as adults need to be […]

02.03 As form beats function

The Gherkin won the sterling prize in 2004. This leaves me wondering how architects judge architecture and where this takes the practice. The Gherkin is a building which boasts an […]