Resarch which maps some of the defining aspects of the social life within the Arts Tower. The information for these maps will be collected through a series of observational studies, documented initially through sketches and later through interviews with individuals who help define and explore the nature of different categories of social life within the Arts Tower and its immediate surroundings.

Mapping the informal social spaces which exist as a result of the formalised ones; and as a consequence, the transformation of physical spaces which occurs as a result of these informal interactions. The activities which I wish to map are not the a-typical greetings at the foyer, coffee or vending machine; but informal social activity which changes the designated use of the space. Exchanges of social commodities.

Similarly, spaces which are designated and operate specifically for social or productive activity are used as a starting point for observational studies. As such, some of these spaces will facilitate both social and productive use of space; where the boundary between the two is integrated.

Comission for a small research project into the social life of the newly renovated Arts Tower, Sheffield (Circa 2013)

Located at The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

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This is the design and build of a modular temporary cinema built for the Summertime festival which incorporates the Nordic Matters festival.

On its first use, the cinema will display the work of artist Roxy Farhat and her filmic portrait of the lives of those living in a modernist housing estate in Sweden, built in the 1960s

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A big thank you to everyone who helped with the design and construction!