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05 Power Walk

The session 11th July 2012 will explore the issue of Power and the Public Realm. This will be a walk re-experiencing 8 key spaces of protest in the vicinity of […]

04 Battle of Orgreave

Film: Jeremy Deller’s reconstruction of The Battle of Orgreave (1984) staged in (2001) This session explored the issue of public realm protest. As a continuation of some of the themes […]

03 Building Cuts

Film: Building Cut, Gordon Matta Clark (1975) This session explored the issue of the re-imagined warehouse… The case studies for this screening including the disused Kops Brewer in Fulham, and […]

02 Stalker

Film: Tarkovsky’s Stalker (1979) This session was located in a disused post industrial space in Sheffield and explored the issue of appropriating coexisting temporalities. The discussions on Tarkovsky’s Stalker will […]

01 Battle of Algiers

Firstly thank you to the residents of the warehouse on Overbury road for allowing is to use their space and for contributing to the evening’s discussion. Other thanks to everyone […]